Experience romance and wellness in the lap of nature

The Kayon Hotels & Resorts, Indonesia, are premium properties located in the lap of nature at Ubud, Bali. The brand specialises in offering romantic getaways for honeymooners and couples, and doesn’t allow children below the age of fifteen in their properties for an uninterrupted experience. Recently on 29 September, the Kayon held a roadshow in Delhi at The Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba. Talking about their brand, Wayan Sucitra, CEO, Kayon Hotels & Resorts, said, “We have been waiting since a long time to visit India. The main reason behind it is that for Kayon’s three properties, the Indian market is amongst the top seven. Which is why we want to thank our partners here, and highlight our offerings to even more people. We see a lot of opportunity in the future for outbound Indian guests to our properties, especially because the USP of our properties is really unique.”

The three beautiful properties— The Kayon Ubud Resort, The Kayon Jungle Resort, and The Kayon Valley Resort, are all located amongst the lush greens of Ubud, Bali. Ubud is popular for wellness and nature retreats, and the brand offers a tropical indulgence for intimate experiences.  “Our properties are exclusively for honeymooners and couples. We offer gorgeous intimate experiences like romantic dinners, movie under the stars, customised poolside dinners, spa, cinema room, etc. Wedding ceremonies can be also officiated in our Pushpaka Wedding Chapel for very intimate weddings. We also have a number of activities around our spa, like yoga, and other rituals related to Balinese culture. To further ease the experience, guests who visit the Kayon Ubud Resort and the Kayon Valley Resort, and want to visit the Kayon Jungle Resort, we treat them as in-house guests. We provide a shuttle service for them to journey between the properties, so they can come in and visit any of the unique facilities that we have to offer,” Sucitra added.

“Right after the pandemic when we opened up again in 2022, we reached occupancy of above 85 per cent. Average occupancy of our resorts is now over 90 per cent, and most of it are foreign tourists. We are also holding 92 per cent bookings for the next three months already. People have been really interested in wellness and leisure tourism after the pandemic, and we are doing well I think,” Sucitra said about the post-pandemic growth for the brand. Their latest property is the Kayon Valley Resort, launched in May 2023. Komang Arta Wirawan Sarba, Cluster Sales Manager, adds, “We conducted this roadshow in four Indian cities— Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, and finally in Delhi. The Indian market is quite big and very important for us, and we want Indian tourists, especially honeymooners and couples, to visit our resorts and explore the wonderful natural landscape of Bali, and particularly Ubud. Kayon means the tree of life, and our icon is Kumbhakarana, from the Ramayana epic. So our philosophy is to offer our guests the kind of rest and relaxation that Kumbhakarana embodies. We want them to escape into the experiences that we have to offer. Our personal recommendation would be the Kayon Jungle Resort. The Wanna Jungle Pool and Bar is the first three-leveled pool in Bali. The scenic views and ambience that all our resorts make for a truly delightful and memorable experience for couples who are looking to make their romantic vacations a little extra special.”

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