Discover the eco-friendly homestays in ‘Heart of Incredible India’ on 5th June 2023

On the joyous occasion of World Environment Day on 5th June 2023, you are welcome to embark a transformative journey to the heart of India, where more than 50 eco-friendly rural homestays await, offering an authentic and sustainable experience.

Immerse yourself in untouched beauty of rural Madhya Pradesh. These eco-friendly homestays embrace the principles of sustainability, celebrating the delicate balance between humans and the environment.  Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is dedicated to minimize the carbon footprint in the state and make MP an eco-friendly state for tourists.

Each homestay has been thoughtfully designed to minimize the ecological footprint while providing a comfortable and enriching experience. From thatched roofs to mud walls, every aspect reflects a commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of the region. Come be a part of the cultural experiences of MP like the tribal dance forms, local art and crafts and cherish the local cuisines of the various tribes of the state.

MP offerings

Kekadiya and Khari – Awaken to the melodious chorus of birdsong as you open your eyes to breathtaking lush green forests in the homestays of Kekadiya and Khari. Engage yourself in the organic farming activities, where you can learn about traditional agricultural practices and indulge in the cultural activities of the village. Adventure lovers can also find fascinating cycling treks alongside other environmental friendly recreational activities.

Rock Shelter Paintings and Jain Temple

Sabarwani – Just 20 kms away from Pachmarhi Sabarwani, is one of the unique hill station homestays where visitors can find exciting homestays and enjoy activities like trekking, bird watching and hot spring alongside dazzling millet dishes of the region.

Choti Anhoni and Badi Anhoni

Kokhra and Thadipather – In the buffer forests of the Sanjau Dubri Tiger Reserve  in Sidhi, Kokhra and Thadipather are two exemplary villages where the visitors can enjoy the shelter of the tall trees and relax.

Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve

Ladhpura Khaas – One of the most Spiritual destinations of MP, Orchha has a majestic village called Ladhpura Khaas where travellers can find royal homestays and enjoy other destinations like the Orchha bird sanctuary, sunset points of Orchha and blend in the culture with their drama and musical performances. You can also enjoy activities like pottery and other rural arts. It was also nominated for the Best Tourism Village Awards by UNWTO in 2021.

Responsible Tourism is an initiative to make better places to live and to visit. It essentially conveys economic enhancement, community development.

Madhya Pradesh is a pioneer state which has successfully implement the idea of Responsible Tourism. Various initiatives including Homestays, Gram Stays and Farm Stays have been developed for the tourists to feel close to the nature and culture, Safe Tourism Destinations for Women is a key factor for the Board because we want to provide a safe and reassuring experience for the solo female tourists, Responsible Souvenir is a program which is initiated to ensure and encourage traditional souvenirs and art forms. Solid waste management- Clean Destinations has always been a priority, Madhya Pradesh is home to the top two most-cleanest cities in the country and we take a lot of pride in our idea for providing clean destinations for the tourists.

The Mission’s Humsafar program is raising awareness of the challenges faced by the differently abled and working to reduce and remove the barriers to their enjoyment of tourism. Skill Development and employment generation for the youth are the stand out features of the development plan which has been acknowledged in different parts of the world.

The gentle whispers of the wind, the vibrant colors of flora, and the rhythmic melodies of wildlife create a harmonious environment like no other.

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