15 million trips booked on Expedia TAAP

Expedia TAAP (Travel Agent Affiliate Programme), a booking engine which connects travel agents to Expedia Group’s global portfolio of accommodation, flights, packages, car rentals and in-destination activities has milestone of 15 million cumulative trips booked on its platform. Expedia TAAP, which is part of Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS), one of the B2B brands of Expedia Group, used by over 35,000 agencies in over 30 countries

Diego Pedrani, Senior Director, Retail Distribution, Expedia Partner SolutionsTAAP brand, says: “We are delighted to mark such a significant moment forExpedia TAAP. Ourpowerful, ready-built agent booking engine has experienced dramatic growth since its creation. TAAP empowers travel agencies togrow their business by offering their travelers competitive rates and availabilities sourced by Expedia Group. Expedia TAAP also offers popular features such as in-destination experiences, last-minute availabilities and competitive package rates.”
Pedrani continues: “A year ago, TAAP came under the dedicated care of our team at EPS which has provided additional resourcefor the platform to continue to thrive. As a result, the program has experienced accelerated growth, demonstrating just how much the platform unlocks the power of Expedia Group for our travel agent partners.EPS is laser-focused on providing the expertise, personalised support, technology and tools to enable our travel agent partners to reach their full potential.”

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