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Government of India is now focused on promoting the move towards green tourism: Arvind Singh

Arvind Singh, Secretary, Tourism, at the ITM in Aizawl, Mizoram, shared that sustainability has been a priority for the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector for some time, but it has become even more prominent due to the pandemic. “The Government of India is now focused on promoting the move towards green tourism. Green tourism has the potential to catalyse local economies, while also minimising the environmental and social impacts,” he added.

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If tourism contribution is increased to 10% of GDP, it can create 26 million new jobs: Arvind Singh

Arvind Singh, Secretary, Tourism has said that Indian tourism industry contributes to around 4.7 percent of the country’s GDP and provides employment to around 31.8 million of inhabitants. “If tourism’s contribution is increased to 10 per cent of GDP in India, it can create 26 million new jobs,” he added.

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Dedicated funding of ₹50 crore proposed for M!CE under National Tourism Board

Rakesh Verma, Additional Secretary, Tourism, has shared that the National Tourism Board of India (NTBI) will have a separate M!CE Vertical plus dedicated M!CE promotion for India. “A dedicated funding of ₹50 crore has been proposed for M!CE vertical, which should go into incentivising organisations and associations for getting events in India,” he said.

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Panoply of festivals planned in J&K to attract tourists: Secretary, Tourism, J&K

Sarmad Hafeez, Secretary, Tourism, J&K, has said that they are celebrating different occasions and festivals, like spring festival and early almond blossom festival. “In spring, i.e. March and April we have tulip festival. There are many summer festivals, winter carnivals and we have a houseboat festival. Such events help us convey a message that things are happening in J&K,” he added.

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Infra growth & vaccination drive to help achieve pre-pandemic FTAs & investment: Rakesh Verma

Rakesh Verma, Additional Secretary, Tourism, while addressing the press at the WTM London, stated that India has achieved phenomenal growth in enhancing infrastructure, which along with massive vaccination drive, will help India to achieve pre-pandemic levels of international tourist arrivals. It also offers huge opportunities for investors and an Investor Summit will be organised by the MOT in February 2023.

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India’s global tourism rankings to go up by improving tourism safety & security: Arvind Singh

Arvind Singh, Secretary, Tourism, has said that India’s global tourism indices will go up by improving the safety and security aspects of tourism and would go a long way in making India one of the favourable destinations. He urged all the tourism stakeholders to work closely and strengthen the security aspect of the tourist destinations.

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