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Safety, wellness and smooth travel, top priorities for travellers post Covid

PATA CEO Liz Ortiguera, said “Safety, wellness and smooth travel experiences are top of mind as needs for post-pandemic travellers.  It’s important to provide clarity in processes and deliver good customer support in the face of ever-changing circumstances. Recognition should go to all the travel and tourism staff that are enabling efficient and great travel service delivery and experiences in the face of all these challenges. We need to respect and applaud their efforts as the backbone of the industry through these challenging times.” 

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Travel demand remains volatile despite improvement: PATA

Asia is predicted to return to a significant level of dominance, supplying more than 64% of all IVAs into Asia Pacific in 2024, under each of the three scenarios, followed by the Americas and Europe. Overall, while the trends in these latest forecasts are positive, there are still challenges ahead, not the least of which will be containing the spread of the Delta and Omicron variants of COVID-19. As PATA CEO Liz Ortiguera notes, “International travel recovery to and within the Asia Pacific region is projected to return moderately over the next three years. Recovery will be uneven into the various sub-regions and destinations and will most likely still remain volatile over the next few years. Some individual destinations may see success but expedited recovery of the region requires a more collaborative approach.” 

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PATA webinar with Liz Ortiguera and John Koldowski today at 12.00 pm

PATA’s webinar ‘Asia Pacific Tourism Forecast’, is set to be held today at 12.00 pm. During this webinar, participants will get to meet Liz Ortiguera, the new CEO of PATA, who will share insights on the future of travel & tourism around the world, with a focus on Asia Pacific. Also, Prof John Koldowski, School of Tourism, Leshan University, China, and a renowned tourism analyst will share indepth analysis on the forecast for Asia Pacific Tourism. Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Bku5hVW-TRq5f_SiqmD5IQ.

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Meet new PATA CEO Liz Ortiguera and Prof John Koldowski on 29th July at 12 pm

Liz Ortiguera, CEO, PATA, will share her insights on the future of travel & tourism in APAC at the PATA Tourism PowerHouse webinar on 29th July, at 12 pm. Prof John Koldowski, School of Tourism, Leshan University, China and a renowned tourism analyst, will also share his views on outbound tourism from India at the webinar. To attend, register at https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Bku5hVW-TRq5f_SiqmD5IQ

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‘Duty of care’-based approach will support sustainable recovery: PATA CEO

Liz Ortiguera, the CEO of PATA, has said that travel recovery is being driven by a complex range of factors, from varying market policies regarding virus control and containment to local citizens’ sentiments on vaccine take-up. “In the travel industry, a ‘duty of care’-based approach in delivering services and products will support a more sustainable recovery,” she explains.

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‘Partnering for a better tomorrow is critical’: farewell message by Mario Hardy, CEO, PATA

In his farewell message, Mario Hardy, CEO, PATA, said that he encourages everyone to pause and reflect on the lessons learned over the past year and be there for one another. “Now more than ever, partnering for a better tomorrow is critical. I truly wish the travel and tourism industry will experience a speedy and effective recovery so that we can all travel again soon, see our family, our friends and enjoy discovering new places and cultures.” He will be succeeded by Liz Ortiguera.

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