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Cross Hotels and Resorts announces new conscious travel initiatives

While everyone deserves a break over the holidays, it is difficult not to be concerned about our impact on the environment in the current climate, given all the news about how traveling is damaging our fragile world. The good news is that we can still enjoy a well-earned getaway, while reducing the carbon impact and reaping the benefits of our downtime. Cross Hotels & Resorts offer a ton of inspirations and ideas for that this month, called traveling mindfully. Cross Hotels & Resorts priceless natural resources are benefited by the vital and kind partnership between Meaningful Travel and Socialgiver. The Big Trees Project will benefit from your package purchases through the Socialgiver website by receiving 50 per cent of your money, which will go towards nature preservation and the preservation of green spaces all around Thailand. This project is gratifying and makes you feel wonderful. The hotels have some fantastic suggestions for taking part in September’s World Car Free Day. A project that allows for thinking on how to lessen our reliance on cars. Although they are practical and beneficial, cars nevertheless produce a worrying quantity of pollution. World Car Free Day is a way to highlight these issues and contribute to reduce CO2 emissions. So, we are urging everyone to take the initiative by stepping up, to start their day by leaving their car keys at home. People are becoming more aware of what they eat, and hotels are thrilled that Moreganic, a world-class vegan restaurant, is reopening at Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort. It offers a calm and serene atmosphere and is tucked next to the hotel’s tropical grounds. The restaurant creates the tastiest cocktails, including the Banana, …

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Cross Hotels and Resorts start new conscious travel initiatives

Everyone deserves a holiday break, but these days, with so much news about the impact of travel on our precious planet, it is hard not to be concerned about our effect on the environment. The good news is that we can still take a hard-earned vacation while minimising our carbon footprint and getting good vibes from our leisure time. It is called ‘travelling consciously’ and Cross Hotels and Resorts have loads of ideas and inspiration for that this month. The Meaningful Travel partnership with Socialgiver is an essential and generous collaboration directly supporting the health and welfare of our precious green resources. By booking packages through the Socialgiver website, half of whatever you spend will be donated to The Big Trees Project to support nature conservation and the protection of green spaces throughout Thailand. This is a feel-good and rewarding initiative. The hotels also have great ideas about participating in World Car Free Day in September. A venture that gives us reflection time about reducing our reliance on motor vehicles. Vehicles are convenient and offer many benefits, but they also contribute to a dangerous amount of pollution. World Car Free Day is great for raising awareness about these concerns and helping to reduce emissions. So, we are suggesting we all take the lead by stepping up, out, and into your day without motor vehicle keys. People are more conscious about what they consume, and the hotels are jazzed about the reopening of the exceptional vegan restaurant, Moreganic, at Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort. It is nestled beside the hotel’s tropical gardens and offers a relaxed and tranquil ambience. The restaurant serves delectable drinks such as banana, cocoa, and almond milkshakes, …

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Cross Hotels & Resorts to hold a webinar for the travel trade on 25th May at 2:30 pm

Cross Hotels and Resorts are holding an exclusive webinar for the Indian travel trade on 25th May, 2020 at 2:30 pm IST. For more information, please contact Harish Chhetri on 9650196521 or sales@crosshotelsandresorts.in. To attend the webinar please register on this link, https://event.webinarjam.com/register/113/1n728ak9. The key note speaker for the webinar from Thailand is Yui, Group Director of Sales, Cross hotels and resorts. The webinar will elaborate on one of the leading hotel chains in SE Asia, Cross Hotels and Resorts .

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