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Adopt fair wages, respect, welfare of staff to fill staffing gap in industry: PATA CEO

Liz Ortiguera, CEO, PATA, has said that there is an issue of the industry staffing gap across the world, which needs to be filled. For which, she has suggested many things for employers, including fair wages, acknowledging great service delivery, ensuring a culture of respect for staff, staff feedback and engagement, concern for staff welfare, support development, creating clear and fair career paths and introduce staff to leaders they can relate to.

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Asia Pacific to reach an IVA count in 2024 of 510-832 million: PATA

PATA, as part of its latest quarterly updated international visitor arrivals (IVAs) forecast has projected that Asia Pacific will reach an IVA count in 2024 of 510-832 million. Liz Ortiguera, CEO, PATA, said, “While a positive turning point is predicted to occur in 2022 for all the 39 Asia Pacific destinations covered in these updated forecasts, many market variables are currently influencing travel and significant challenges still lay ahead.”

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80 new airports by 2025 would need 25,000 more hotel rooms: NOESIS

Nandivardhan Jain, CEO, NOESIS, has said, “If 80 new airports by 2025 come, then this will give a massive boost to the hospitality sector as there will be demand for 25,000 more hotel rooms in these markets. Subject to concerned authorities successfully managing to plan & build hospitality districts around these airports, the effective implementation of local tourism programs at these destinations will lead to an opportunity to create millions of job opportunities.”

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Amitabh Kant lauds Red Fort Museum, compliments PM for promoting PPP in heritage

Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog, visited the Red Fort Museum and claimed that he was delighted to see the museum,w which was developed by Dalmia Cements under the ‘Adopt A Heritage’ scheme. “It is highly experiential, interactive, immensely creative and is the best designed museum in India. My compliments to PM Narendra Modi for promoting PPP in heritage,” he added.

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Hotels more adaptive to customer needs will do far better: Abinash Manghani, CEO, WelcomHeritage

Abinash Manghani, CEO, WelcomHeritage, has said that hotels which are more adaptive to the customer will do far better at the end of this phase. Speaking at DDP Digital Conclave titled ‘The Post Pandemic Reset’, he said, “I think the branded ones are doing it first and subsequently, others will follow. Since customers are not sure of what they expect, there is a clear shift towards branded hotels,” he added.

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